Connor Paddon and Gerald Barja Toronto Scam Artists

Connor Paddon & Gerald Barja Toronto Fraudsters

Current CEO and owner of appointment scheduling software. He is currently located in and works around Burlington and Toronto.

Where it started

in late-2014,  I successfully won an auction for $11,000 on Flippa :
Essentially, I was buying a full SEO business - a site which ranked highly for various keywords like "seo los angeles" "affordable seo in los angeles", etc.
So the site would generate its own leads, and I could then offer my SEO services to those leads coming through the site.
I did all my due diligence, the domain and website was transferred. You'll note it was some time ago, nevertheless, it was not so straightforward. An extremely crucial part (which is said in this listing)
"Maintaining rankings.I will personally work on the SEO campaign for the first 6 months after the sale for free to ensure that the website doesn't drop at all in rankings, I will also show you what I do to maintain these positions.This website has been built to last all major updates and has proved to do so, so far - through 3 very major update (Penguin 5.0) and Hummingbird, as well as many small Panda & penguin updates. This website is going nowhere"
Connor did not do this, and despite me making long standing attempts, and even offering to work with  him to maintain its ranking, the site DID in fact drop extremely quickly and I didn't get a single customer via the site.

After reaching out to other victims, we've concluded that, it seems he pointed his PBN away from losangelesrank, and pointed it at another site - in effect, he diverted all rankings/traffic away losangelesrank to laranking. 

LaRanking now redirects to which essentially, is receiving clients which should have been going to my business.
Since he explicitly said that he would (exact quote) "ensure that the website doesn't drop at all in rankings" and I have given him ample time to increase its ranking, he hasn't upheld his end of the deal.

By mid-2016, which was ample opportunity to solve this, he started refusing to even answer my messages. Hence why I have filed a report with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (here’s the reference number as proof that I filed it) (Now Defunkct)

His next business he tried to sell was – which was a flavoured coffee company selling things like maple bacon coffee and vanilla bourbon coffee.
Here’s the listing on flippa:
Around this time, I managed to get hold of Connor for a while in 2015 ( I still stupidly thought he might pay me back at some point after he said he had to “sort out his finances”). He revealed that he inflates and hypes up his auctions using shill bidders.
(although he reassured me that my purchase of was completely legitimate (on hindsight I'm not so sure).
And he uses the end of auction value as proof (if the sale fails) to show private buyers/investors the company's projected value (which is false)

EDIT: is now defunct, looks like he sold it to someone who couldn’t make it work and pulled the same scam on them. Listing
So lets analyse a sentence in this Flippa Listing for Bewdly (  where he is actually talking about

“For anybody that follows Flippa, you may remember my auction for my digital marketing company that reached $420,100.00 without hitting the reserve price in April of this year, which was then sold privately to a buyer in the states.”

Which is describing SearchBoost– but since he revealed he sometimes uses shill bidders, to inflate and hype the price, the sale fails, and he finds a private buyer -  I would guess the "private buyer" was scammed. (i'm trying to currently locate this victim to get their story)

Here’s are some screenshots where he claims to say he has no money and is in debt - which contradicts the fact that he was supposedly in charge of several high profit companies in the past 4-5 years.


And here's a comment which was placed on an auction that I was following -
Connor deleted the comment, but I captured the notification that was in my inbox. Once this person posted this comment I realised the true scale of Connor's fraud - I later reached out to this person and gathered more info.
The listing (minus the comment) is here:

New Findings - 3 Cities And Counting?

After extensive investigation I have tracked down 2 other victims. Between us, we have bought these 3 SEO Companies from Connor and Gerald and been defrauded out of almost $50,000.
These sales all occurred in late 2013-2014 and we have been unsuccessful in recovering our money. Partly due to financial constraints, as bringing a lawsuit from abroad is extremely expensive.
(1) ( $30,000+
(2) ( $4,100
(3) ( $11,501
At the time of listing, these 3 sites appeared to be making an income and were in fact ranking for various keywords for their cities.
I.e. according to the listing ranked in the top spot for “toronto seo prices”, number 2 for “toronto seo” and ranked in the top 5 for many others. This was in fact true and accounted for the traffic and customers that were driven to the site.
However, after handing over payment, rankings dropped dramatically – much faster than normal and all 3 victims were left with useless websites, which didn’t rank anywhere near the top for any keywords and had almost zero traffic. How did it happen?
Well, according to the Connor they always maintained in each case - “it’s a Google update and we can’t control that”. End of story right? Not necessarily..
Had that been the case, how would they have then ranked at least 3 other SEO companies, competing in the same cities as our sites and then sold these straight after?
According to this listing:
The seller “cpaddoncpaddon” (Connor Paddon) confirms that he owns all of these companies (Note this is May 2015)

 From our own investigations we found his accomplice also runs Torontoboost.
Now Redirects to where the enquiries are answered by his accomplice Gerald )

This whois report of VancouverJump links this Gmail account to Gerald

According to this Whois query, operated by Connor

And according to its Whois is operated by Gerald

All of which then ranked for various search terms. In essence, Connor and Gerald de-ranked the 3 previous sites and ranked these 3 new companies, driving customers away from our companies to his.

Evidence from Traffic Graphs

By using Semrush, we can see that its not merely coincidence that the traffic/rankings drop. It coincides with the timeline that Connor sets up his competing SEO companies. Take a look at these graphs.

Bought in April-May 2014.
Traffic plummeted after this point, and lost 6 search positions.

Connor then setup his competing company – which was later rebranded to (traffic shown below)


Bought around Aug 2013. Traffic plummeted almost immediately. Connor then setup and started gaining traffic/keyword positions (as shown below)

Connor then rebranded it as SearchBoost and traffic/rankings continued to rise (traffic shown below)


Scamming SEO Clients and Breaking a Non Compete Agreement Contract

The new buyers of TorontoRanking also received numerous complaints from old SEO clients who were scammed by Connor and Gerald. I.e. they promised SEO services under the Torontoranking name, but sold it off and didn’t fulfill the contract.
Here's just one example of someone who went public

Not to mention, that Connor also signed a non-competition contract, stating that he would not compete with Terry in the same area after selling him TR – but as we know, he went on to open and TorontoBoost and so broke the terms of that contract.

The Details Of The Scam Ring

So here are Geralds details
Gerald Barja, he is located in Mississauga, Ontario.
He operates under the username Seot1services.

And is currently operating a Financial app called ICOAlert
Connor Paddon, Burlington, Canada

Currently owns businesses such as Onsched, Inksched

His associate/partner is Taylor Scrimshaw (appears to support the tech side)
Also of Burlington, Canada

And both Gerry and Connor still own the following SEO companies.

If you've been a victim of fraud by any of these people, please leave a comment and share your experience.


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